a note from lewis ;

Lewis Wheelhouse is a professional actor and award winning film maker based from the North. He’s been acting since the early age of 5 and has been producing YouTube productions/Projects for over 5 years and is now running his own film making company under the name of ‘LWPictures’. Lewis went to Applause theatre school between 2002 - 2006 and then he joined Stage 84 between 2009 - 2013. At his time at Stage 84, Lewis has been graded with yearly trinity hall examinations. He has also been in a couple of Stage 84’s Christmas Concerts as well as performing 2 shows at the Alhambra Theatre in bradford ‘Footloose’ in 2010 and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in 2011. 


After leaving school in 2013, Lewis went on to study Media Production at college between September 2013 - October 2014. Lewis is currently producing his own Youtube productions under his own production company called ‘LWPictures’ and in late 2015 he was studying at the BFI Academy and completed the course with a NCFE qualification. 



Hello, Thank you to anyone who has visited my website, My name is Lewis Wheelhouse and I’m an professional actor and award winning film maker from the north. I’ve been very fortunate to of been apart of the BFI Academy and to of won an award for what I love doing on a daily basis. I’ve been acting since the early age of 5 and producing productions on YouTube for over the past 5 years. I was diagnosed as Dyslexic in 2013 however I don’t let being Dyslexic stop me from doing what I love doing! Being Dyslexic has had it’s turns, I didn’t exactly get the GCSE grades that I needed but the past is in the past, and now I’m looking ahead. Keep checking back onto this website because I’m going to be posting everything that goes on on here! A good place as well is my social media links, you can check out which social media pages I’m on in the banner above. Well thats all I’ve got to say really, Welcome to my Website! and I hope you enjoy the content on this website.



Lewis Wheelhouse